Python Developer

Location: Chennai
Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

  • Demonstrated practical in-depth knowledge of data integration, metadata, BI analytics tools and Big Data tools.
  • Experience in database management systems e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server.
  • Experience in programming for data science, statistics, or modeling.
  • Experience in Python, including numerical libraries e.g. NumPy and scikit-learn.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and testing Hadoop ecosystem components (e.g. Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, Hive, Pig, etc.).
  • Experience in data visualization tools or libraries e.g. Power BI, Python (ggplot, matplotlib, pandas, pygal) and JavaScript (Leaflet, D3).
  • Experience in data applications such as Weka, RapidMiner, SAS EM and other applications.
  • A degree in IT or Mathematics.
  • Work experience of atleast 1 year.


Key Responsibilities Outcome Performance Measure
Development and maintenance of automated systems and workflows for relevant departments All Company KPIs are met and able to be tracked using appropriate tools. 100% of KPIs listed by the Reporting Manager are queried and visible
Development of Hadoop systems and infrastructure for Medtech suite of products Clinical accuracy and efficiency in development of algorithms and systems Feedback from Reporting Manager
Assist reporting manager in AI development mainly in Python and development of voice to voice interaction bots using inhouse NLP. Ability to develop predictive and ML scripts in python for the enhancement and development of AI engines Feedback from Reporting Manager
Assist in analytical projects and development of tools for automation of reports Project is planned and managed. Able to meet the milestones at the stipulated deadlines. Feedback from Reporting Manager
Develop testing programs that address areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, or usability Test programs are comprehensively prepared in a timely fashion Querying test protocol achieves at least 97% accuracy
Carry out independent specific projects and research and present findings Project is completed in a timely manner All Success Measures assigned by reporting manager are met.
Database management for existing services Data is clean and up to date at all times. Problem/issue analysis report
Apply project management methodologies, principles and techniques to develop project plans and to cost, resource and manage projects. Proper project management techniques are implemented and tracked Project proposals contain (and not limited to) PM graphs, gantt analysis and R.
Demonstrate proficiency of the Medtech suite of products by passing exams Learn and stay up to date with Medtech products including MT32, MMH, CBIT and Evolution to a level where training can be delivered. 90% marks obtained in internal exams.
Ensure compliance with ISO and ISMS policies, service level agreements and procedures. All policies are implemented and service standards are complied with.

Undergo training of ISO, ISMS and Microsoft Gold Partner processes where necessary.

Full compliance to the ISO and ISMS processes.

Be familiar with the ISO/ISMS training program.

Undergo training and be totally conversant with internal systems such as CRM, ALM, SharePoint and Telephone systems Internal systems proficiency Able to demonstrate proficiency and usage of CRM
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