Meeting your IT strategy is vital in today's competitive business landscape. At Inlogic, we provide various Digitisation services necessary to assist you in reaching your objectives and maintaining competitiveness.

Data Digitisation Services

With the growing challenge of manually maintaining and storing paper-based records across various sectors, Inlogic offers comprehensive Data Digitisation Services to convert these records into electronic formats.

Our services include scanning, conversion, and secure storage solutions, enabling easy access both online and offline. This streamlined document management system improves information retrieval efficiency for all types of organisations, significantly enhancing operational standards and service quality.

Application Support Services

As an experienced company providing customer product support, Inlogic specialises in delivering L2 and L3 Application Support Services through our dedicated service desk. Our support agents work round the clock, ensuring customer coverage in different time zones and providing 24/7 on-call services.

We understand the importance of meeting SLAs and minimising disruptions to our customers’ daily operations.


Inlogic places a strong emphasis on excellence in the digitisation services we provide. Our team follows a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure accurate and reliable document imaging and scanning. We are committed to delivering steadfast digitisation services to businesses and organisations worldwide.

Choosing Inlogic for your digitisation needs means relying on our expertise, hands-on support, and superior data digitisation quality. This approach enables you to focus on your core business goals and achieve success.


  • Fast and easy data access
  • Minimised record storage space
  • Compliance with confidentiality requirements
  • High level of efficiency
  • Prevention of record loss
  • Enhanced data portability
  • Integration with Smart Card technology
  • Quality Assurance