Partners & Alliances

Our mission is to help leading organizations worldwide to achieve their business objectives through our services. We work closely together with our alliances and partners to share expertise and resources, enabling us to enhance our services. Our vision commits us to establishing strategic alliances with only the best technology, services, and solution providers.

The team provides day-to-day support, from answering customer queries to devising a tailored marketing strategy, ensuring that each partnership develops in to a mutually beneficial and successful relationship. We recognize and reward our partners, and deliver tools and resources to help them succeed.




inlogic has a dedicated microsoft practice to develop sound expertise in Microsoft technologies. This is testified by the Microsoft Gold Partner status with competencies in Application Lifecycle Management, Application Development and Devices & Deployment.

Medtech Global

Medtech Global is the largest provider of healthcare management technology solutions in New Zealand primary health care and the second largest in Australia with a dedicated focus on enhancing the quality of patient care for about 30 years. Their products have been developed by working with health care professionals and are widely used in several countries including Australia, Ireland, India, Singapore, United States and the Pacific Islands.

inlogic is the in-source developer for Medtech Global in the Health IT ecology.

365 Health and Wellbeing

365 Health and Wellbeing is a healthcare company based in the United Kingdom which develops computerised healthcare products based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The company’s products cover stress, anxiety and depression problems. One of the company's products has been recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a treatment option for all people with mild or moderate depression.

inlogic is the technology partner for 365 Health and Wellbeing.