Legacy Application Maintenance

Are you struggling with a legacy application and would like help in supporting the application? Would you like to migrate the application to more modern platforms but are unsure how to go about it?

Inlogic can help. Inlogic has successfully provided a APAC based customers with support services for their very complex legacy product on the Delphi platform with an Interbase backend, of 30 years vintage and all the nightmares that such a product comes with.

It has also helped migrate the product on to latest .Net technologies as a client/server product and is now in the process of helping them migrate it to the web and mobile. Another product was migrated from a lower version of the legacy platform to a later version of the same platform when the customer was not able to move to modern technologies for business reasons.

In short, when it comes to supporting and migrating legacy applications, Inlogic has unparalleled expertise on offer.