Data Digitisation Services

The continued manual maintenance and storage of paper-based patient health records is quickly become an unsustainable practice for many medical institutions. Physical records consume enormous amounts of space, damage easily, are difficult to search, and are costly to maintain.

Digitization is a process of converting patient health records into electronic form. Health records are scanned, converted into digital format, and stored securely in a central server for online and offline distribution. This new document management and storage system streamlines the retrieval of information for healthcare providers, ultimately affecting the quality of patient care.


Creating an effective and efficient medical record scanning and indexing program is a critical driver for success for healthcare institutions. As healthcare professionals decide to move from paper records to electronic medical document imaging, they need expertise with the highest quality of scanning and ability to retrieve these images easily and effectively.

inlogic can guide healthcare institutions through a complete medical record processing and indexing program.


  • Provides fast and easy data access
  • Minimizes record storage space
  • Provides confidentiality compliance
  • High level of efficiency
  • Prevents loss of records
  • Enhances data portability
  • Integration with Smart Card


Medical Records Digitization offers far more benefits than simple data access and convenience.

inlogic provides best document Imaging and superior scanning of documents through a standard quality assurance program.

inlogic offers uncompromising document digitizing services to regional businesses and businesses across the globe.