About Us

Information Technology (IT) is no longer the preserve of a small group of “hi-tech” companies or of a small group of tech-savvy individuals; in the past two decades, the application, use and reach of IT has grown by leaps and bounds to touch every person on this planet. IT has grown substantially simpler than it used to be – a small investment of time on learning a few widely available tools and techniques can make any small business or individual capable of creating their own websites and e-brochures. On the other hand, IT complexity has also grown because of the explosion of IT-enabled products, services and devices that a system needs to integrate with.

Inlogic, in the decade-plus of its existence, has helped its customers through this rapidly changing landscape by supporting their move from legacy technologies where possible, supporting them with their legacy technologies where not as well as delivering new products and solutions using the latest technologies. The company has also helped customers with various other kinds of services and support – data centre provisioning and maintenance, BPO activities including many back-office functions from technical ones such as L2 Service Desks to semi-technical ones such as Financial Accounting. For more information, see the Services section of our website.

The company boasts of a global presence serving customers New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, U.K., Ireland and the U.S. The delivery centre is based in India at Chennai, staffed with experts in various technologies including Microsoft .net, Delphi, SQL Server, Interbase, Angular JS, Android, iOS, Titanium etc. Significant domain experience in healthcare and banking exists within the company.

Inlogic’s delivery model is highly flexible and agile, and looks to adapt to customer needs and context rather than having the customer adapt to Inlogic’s way of doing things. This, everyone at the company believes, distinguishes our services from those of other companies in this space. For more details, see Delivery Model.